Hello, and welcome to Leet Kitchen!

You’ve stumbled upon the about page, so I suppose I could tell you a little about myself plus this webpage.

My name is Melissa, but I usually prefer to go by Mel. I recently quit my job of 6 and a half years at Walmart and finally decided I needed to go to school. I’m going to school to get an associate’s degree in chemical engineering. My husband is even doing the same thing! We’re hoping to work for a new company being built in 2013. So, yes, we are taking accelerated classes to get finished just in time for the opening. I’m still going to take the time to cook, so I might as well record my adventures for everyone else to read. I’ll be posting about food most of all, but also life in general plus gaming. My husband and I are total nerds, and when we aren’t studying and I’m not cooking, we are playing something.

So, if you read the above paragraph, then maybe you understand the title I chose for my little website. I’m a gamer. I’m a leet gamer. In my own mind. Somehow guys seem to think girls don’t play games, but that’s how I met my husband. Funny how those things happen. I met my husband while playing the MMO Ragnarok Online. He lived in Australia. I lived in the United States. I couldn’t live without him, so I forced him to spend all his money on papers (USCIS papers are expensive, haha) and a flight to the United States to marry me. Anyway. I’ve had little blogs before, and I never seem to keep them up for more than a month. I tend to get a little disappointed because I want to be cheap, but I also want certain things to happen on my web space. We’ll figure it out eventually, because I really want to share with the world.


I’ll also tell you a little more about how I shop. I’m allowed $125 a week for four people. That also includes pet food, and extra items we might need around the house. Needless to say, I don’t have a whole lot of cash to spend on groceries. Especially expensive ones. I shop at Sam’s Club, which sells bulk products. I save more this way on meats, cheeses and other items. I like to buy 90% ground beef and a lot of chicken, so it comes in handy to pay $40 a year for a membership. I also shop at a grocery store we have called ‘United Groceries’. I usually get my can good items here for 2/$1.00 which makes me giddy. I can also pick up a few other things that go at amazing prices. It may go out of date in a week, but I’ll use it. So my price tables for my ingredients may not be accurate for every area or every home. But at least you know you won’t be spending too much more for a good meal!

Also, when I list the ‘price’ of an ingredient, the price listed is only for the amount I use in a recipe. If I buy a 2-cup bag of shredded cheese for $2.00 and a recipe only requires 1 cup of cheese, the price I will list will be $1.00. The other $1.00 of the bag of cheese can go into another recipe!


If you need to email me, feel free to do so at lunar_embrace@hotmail.com.


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